Yin Yang

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Brand: HK
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Stainless Steel 

  • Fits to the top of your waistband.
  • No Belt loops required!
  • Hands-Free
  • Hassle-Free
  • Worry-Free
  • Secure


 Do not attempt to fasten The Hip Klip to anything 
 overly thick/rigid (like a leather belt) as this can/will 
 bend the components. Apply to pliable fabrics only. 


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Yin Yang Klip
Written by Paula Quinlan on Apr 2nd 2018

Purchased as a spare. Both Klips broke on my 1st emf pouch after about 9 months of wear. --The Klips last about 9 months with constant use. Longevity is also determined by thickness the klip is being affixed too. ~ Home Office

Great Product
Written by undefined on Mar 19th 2018

Love this idea. I did feel they were a little expensive, so only ordered one. Love not having to carry a purse around when we go to fairs, museums, or festivals. I did have one of the clips open up and it was dangling off one clip. Only had the one time.

Written by undefined on Oct 20th 2017

Well made and feels like they will last awhile. Versatile uses.

Great product
Written by undefined on Jun 25th 2017

The clips are well made and stylish. I like that it can be worn with skirts.

Written by undefined on Jun 8th 2017

I like these ☺️

ordered more
Written by undefined on May 31st 2017

Hipklips are so useful and versatile. I keep giving them away, so I had to order more for myself.

Too cute!
Written by Anna McConnell on Feb 21st 2017

Love the yin yang on the klips. Wonderful way to personalize the bag.

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