Frequently asked questions:

How does the KLIP work?
  1. With the round face towards you, open from the bottom of the round face, up.
  2. Using the round face as your handle, place the fabric of your pants in between the two rows of interlocking teeth.
  3. Place your fingers on the front and back of the Klip and pinch closed.
  4. Do Not place on anything overly thick or rigid as this can bend the clamping mechanism and break your Klip.
Do I need a Belt?
  • No Belt loops are required.
  • Affix directly to the waistband of your pants, skirt, shorts, yoga pants, etc.
  • Do Not put on a Leather Belt or anything overly thick or rigid as this will bend the clamping mechanism.
What size is best for me?
  1. Size is usually determined by your phone type.
    1. Standard size (5.25"W x 6.25"L best accommodates:
      • Iphone 4 (2.31" x 4.54") 
      • Iphone 5s (2.31" x 4.87") 
      • Iphone 5c (2.33” x 4.90”)
      • Iphone SE (2.31” x 4.87”)
    2. Large Smart (5.75”W x 7”L) best accommodates: 
      • Iphone 6S (2.64” x 5.44”)
      • Iphone 7 (2.64” x 5.44”)
      • Galaxy S5 (2.85” x 5.59”) 
      • Galaxy S6 (2.78” x 5.64”)
      • Galaxy S7 (2.74” x 5.61”)
      • Galaxy J3V (2.8’ x 5.6”)
      • Google Pixel (2.74” x 5.66”)
    1. XL Smart (6”W x 8”L) best accommodates: 
      • Iphone 6 plus (3.06” x 6.22”)
      • Iphone 7 plus (3.07” x 6.23”)
      • Galaxy S7 Edge (2.85” x 5.94”)
      • Google Pixel XL (2.98” x 6.09”)
  • If you have a bulky case on your phone you might want to consider the next size up. 

 In addition to your phone, what other items do you want at your fingertips at all times?

If you are a "keep it basic" kinda lady (only need phone, ID, credit card and a little cash) you can go with the Standard Smart size even if you have a phone listed under Large Smart section. As you can see by the measurements the Standard Smart pocket is large enough, there just isn't a lot of extra room for other items.

If you are a "keep it chic" kinda lady who's basic needs require a few extra items (phone, ID, credit card, cash, lip gloss, mascara, gum etc.) a Large Smart pocket might suit your needs better even if you have a phone listed under the Standard Smart section. This pocket is still suitable if you have the phones listed in the Large Smart section and like to carry a few extra "basic needs".

If you are a "keep it classic" kinda lady who's basic needs require even more basic items (phone, ID, credit cards, cash, checkbook, lip gloss, a lite snack etc.) an XL Smart pocket might best suit your needs. Even with these new large phones this pocket has plenty of extra room in it.

Is it waterproof?

  • The Aqua Seal is the only Pocket that can be submerged fully into water.
  • The synthetic pockets are quite water resistant and combat rain well, but being submerged, water would get through the zipper and through the seams.
  • If rain is a concern, remember, the top half of your body usually takes the brunt of any rainfall... so any pocket would be fine for all general purposes.

Can I wash it?

  • You may wash the Cotton Pockets in Cold, lay flat to dry.
  • Synthetic pockets should be spot cleaned only.
  • Remove klips before washing in machine.
  • Genuine Leather should only be wiped with a leather cleaner.
What are the KLIPS made of?
  • Stainless Steel

What are the Pockets made of?

  1. Cotton
  2. Cotton-hemp blend
  3. Synthetic and/or fake leather
  4. Genuine Leather
  5. Each Pocket will have the material listed in the Details section