HK - Pearl

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Brand: HK
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Stainless Steel 

  • Fits to the top of your waistband.
  • No Belt loops required!
  • Hands-Free
  • Hassle-Free
  • Worry-Free
  • Secure
Do not attempt to fasten The Hip Klip to anything 
overly thick/rigid (like a leather belt) as this can/will 
bend the components. Apply to pliable fabrics only. 
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hip klips
Written by Jo on May 12th 2021

Love not having to have purse hanging on my shoulder....

Written by undefined on May 1st 2020

Beautiful and very handy product

Needed to replace clips
Written by undefined on Aug 27th 2019

I did not read the instructions when I first purchased my pouch and ruined my clips. Thankfully going to the site I found I could buy replacements. Perfect!

Great for keeping keys available
Written by mary beth on Jul 22nd 2019

I bought these originally thinking I would use them to hang a purse I already had but that really wasn't comfortable for me. I then was going to use the clip on the waste of my pants to hang my keys but I really didn't like that either. What did work however is just clipping it on to my purse with my keys on it and that's worked out great. The only thing is that the clip is a little hard for me to open so I gave it a four instead of a five. I have Parkinson's so someone else may not have trouble with that.

Best invention
Written by Brenda on Jun 22nd 2019

This is the best and simple and beautiful purse yo carry on hip no hassles love it

Written by undefined on May 20th 2019

Works well so far

Works Great!
Written by Cheryl McCall on Mar 18th 2019

I bought these for a hip clip I bought for myself. Once I figured them out, they stayed in place and no worries that I would lose my hip clip. I like the design.

pearl clips
Written by undefined on May 20th 2018

I am a person that is very "hard" on durable things so I have been able to get 18 months out of each set of clips I have bought (I have gone through four sets in three years)- The only part that ''fails" is the swivel piece, wears thin and it falls through. It is very nice to be able to get replacements-however just purchased the leather pouch so not sure how long these clips will last with the added weight of the leather.

Sturdy and reliable
Written by undefined on May 14th 2018

Have had a HipKlip for years now and it clasps as good now as when it was new. Would have preferred a gold tone to match my new subtle blonde pouch instead of the Pearl.

Love the clips
Written by undefined on Jan 5th 2018

I had used one of my clips on the zipper opening of my bag and bent it. So glad to find I could replace it. So handy for a lot of different purposes!

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