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size: 4.00 W × 1.00 H × 1.00 L
Belt/Strap *
Extension Chains *
RFID Card Protectors *
HK Accessory Bundle #1 Includes:
  • 1 - Oxford Belt/Strap or Chain Crossbody
  • 1pk - Extension Chains
  • 1 - Klip of your choice for Keys
  • 1pk - RFID Card Protectors
Oxford Belt/Strap (for when your waistband can't handle any additional weight on it. Our Most Popular Choice Because of it's Versatility and Durability )
  • Can be used around the waist, as a shoulder strap or a crossbody.
  • Made out of a soft/durable Poly-Nylon fabric (similar to a computer bag).
  • Klip fits perfectly into the rectangle at each end of the Belt/Strap.
  • Belt adjusts from 32" - 57"
Chain Crossbody
  •   Can be used as a shoulder strap or a cross-body.
  • Klip fits perfectly in to the rectangle at each end of the Strap.
  • Strap adjusts from 43"-52" (Klip adds and additional 2")
Extension Chains (for when you have a high waistband or a long shirt)
  • Allows you to drop up to 7" down from your waistband
Klip for your keys
  • Easy and convenient way to keep your keys handy 
RFID Card Protectors
  • Keep your Credit Cards and Drivers License protected from Identity Theft (pack of 3)

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