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BEST SELLER at Shows/Festivalsemf-carousel-pic22.jpgThis EMF/RFID Pocket is the perfect accessory for either travel or everyday. Our patented Klip affixes right to the top of your pants, without the need of Belt loops, and allows you to be hands-free while securing all of your essentials! Best of all, The EMF/RFID Pocket is specially designed to BLOCK the EMF's emitted from your phone (Cell phone protection), and doubles as an RFID Wallet (identity Theft Protection); protecting the electronic transmission of information of your cell phone, credit cards, passport and driver's license. Essentially, it is a cell pocket and wallet, ALL IN ONE.

 EMF = Electromagnetic Frequency

EMF Pollution is becoming a growing concern with regards to the rising intensity and use of cell phones, wifi, Bluetooth etc. and the radiation emitted from such products.
Our Copper-Nickel Lined Pockets offer Protection from this potentially harmful exposure and the direct and constant contact against our bodies by preventing penetration through the lining. 
  • Copper-Nickel Plating
  • Radiation Protection from your cell phone
  • Degaussing (the process of decreasing or eliminating the remnant magnetic field)
  • Electronic information leak prevention (Identity Theft Protection)(RFID wallet)   
*It is important to note that this fabric cannot be washed and should not experience aggressive friction as this will break down the copper-nickel components.